Monday, March 17, 2008

Gainesville SERC

Well the first mountain bike race of the year is in the books. It wasn't a total success but it wasn't a total dissapointment either. Of course I want to win every race I enter, but, we all know that isn't possible. For the first race I was very pleased with my conditioning for this point in the year. I was able to attack a couple of times in the race, pull away from the riders I attacked and stay away for the rest of the race. So, overall it was a good start to the
Prop to the rider that finished ahead of me. Seth Kemp, from South Carolina, has been a friend for about three years. He is very strong as he trains in the Pisgah Forrest a lot. Regan Woodall is a good friend and fellow BCC teammate. It doesn't hurt to have the fast mountain bike racer in the state as a training partner and brother, Ryan. As for the two other racers that finished ahead of me I don't know who they are, good race guys. To my Bents and BBC teamy Brent welcome to the world of the Experts. Good job in your first expert race, I know with your work ethic you'll be at the front soon. It should prove to be a fun year battling with these guys, one I look foward too.
Good luck to my pal Ryan Woodall who will be heading out to California on Wednesday. He will be out there thru the Sea Otter Classic. Show em we don't need no stinkin' mountains...... to kick their butts on a mountain bike. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, in more ways than one;). Good luck to you too Luke. See you guys in Arizona.
Thanks to my sponsors: Bent's Cycling and Fitness, Hayes Bicycle Group,, OnYourMark laser bike fitting, and of course BuildingChampionCyclistsFL.
Well I guess I've taken up enough of your time for now, Peace!

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smartleftychic said...

Hey Jamie its your cousin Arialla. Your pictures are wicked awesome!!!! I hope you get my number soon. its been forever since ive seen you but anyway i dont know wuts goin with everything. Anyway I wish You luck with all your future racing events. Send my love to GraniDi and Uncle Ricky for me. I hope to txt you later....Ciao