Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Diversity Again

I think it is fair to say Jamie Knight is the fastest 16 year old on a mountian bike it the state of Florida. But, he does it all. Jamie raced Jr 17-18 and Cat 5 in the crits this past weekend. He rode at the front in both races pulling back breaks and attempting a few of his own. He looked strong in both races finishing in the pack in each respective race. With a little more experience lets see if he'll win one or two.

VO2 Max Testing

Drew Edsall of Endurance Factor is striving to enhance the quality of Florida Youth Cycling and BCCyclists seems to have had an impact on the attitude of some young riders on what it takes to ride and race with the nations best. Drew seems to be putting Jamie Knight through a torture test to find his current VO2 max
was 85, his lactic threshold was 260 watts at a VO2 of 63. Lots of room for improve and hopefully he will be at 350-360 in a year.

VO2 Max Testing

BCCyclists seems to be motivating some young riders/parents to persue a dream and take things seriously. Drew Edsall of Endurance Factor conducted some testing in the Polk County area this past week and hooked Jamie up to what appeares to be a torture test. Drew tested his VO2 max was 85, his lactic threshold was 260 watts at a VO@ of 63. Clearly there is lots of room to improve, hopefully we can get him up to 350-360 in a year.